Entry #2

Doing other things

2015-09-11 12:09:03 by EhFilms

I haven't posted any movies/games in ALMOST 10 YEARS, but I still get new comments/reviews/messages that don't take that into consideration. And I'm sorry for not getting back to some people. I just don't come on here as much.

Yes, my games/movies are OLD.

No, I don't make flash anymore.

Thank you for the support in the past, but try to look at submission dates when you write anything. They're kind of out of touch at this point (Found Lost was made in 2003, guys...).

I'm now on YouTube/Twitter as RandomAdnarim. It's new, but I'm trying.

Thanks again!


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2015-12-16 18:38:28

Thank you very much for making Found Lost, it is a great game, as i remember, took my 8 years to find it again!


2017-05-22 11:39:13

we missed you