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Frank's Adventure is just plain fun...

A good way to make money in Glamourville...
just go back and forth looking for baseballs
You don't even need to look past two frames. Just keep finding them in the frame (sometimes they're not there) back and forth, back and forth. Before you know it, you have 30 (and then some) to sell to the guy at 4 bucks each. It adds up.
Just watch out for cars.

Get out your aggressions!

This is really a cool little flash game. It made beat up Bush, and laugh demonically while doing it. I like that. I feel good now.

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I sure do love them Word Puzzles!

This was a lot of fun for me. I'm really big on puzzle games. I think the "dictionary" needs to be expanded on or something, though because I'm sure some people are having issues with fairly simple words... like "HOTTER".
Thumbs down, "I'm pretty sure that's not even a word"
Well it is Mr. Flacit! It is, I tell you!

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Impossible boss, my aunt fanny!

All you had to do to beat that "impossible boss" is have a knife. You duck down, wait for a little lull in his punches, then stand up and swing your weapon for a couple hits, then duck again. It doesn't take long after that. I kicked his ass! And I'm a GIRL!

Jannata responds:

Thanks. Very nice drawings on your site. A true artist ;)

Simple! Small! Satisfying!

I think this is really cool! I even gave you a 10 for violence 'cause...well, you're slicing into the pumpkin (bwa ha haa). This was so neat and simple, it should really be an e-card! Hey, I'd send it!

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Cute...I know why you put the cum-stain...

You made a reference to Monica Lewinsky with that blue cum-stained dress, right? It seems that very few people got that, even with the Monica-Like wig....HELLOOOOO!!!
I thought that was cute, and hey, she blinks!

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Still love flash (don't care what other programmers may say...you know who you are) but have less time to MAKE them. I'm more about finding new things out there. YouTube is fun.

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